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From Certification to Business: The Journey of Establishing your Coaching Venture

Wasambe Coaching: Elevating ICF Standards with Avni Martin's Unique Expertise

Discover how Wasambe Coaching, led by Avni Martin, intertwines the globally recognized ICF teachings with her specialized skills for a transformative coaching journey.

Beyond Traditional Coaching: Where Global Standards Meet Personal Transformation

Bridging globally recognized standards with unique methodologies, Wasambe under Avni Martin offers a coaching experience that doesn't just inform – it transforms. While deeply rooted in the foundational teachings of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Wasambe takes several leaps forward. Here's how.

TL;DR: The Key Takeaway

Experience the fusion of ICF's globally recognized coaching standards with Avni Martin’s specialized disciplines at Wasambe, where coaching education transcends convention.

Unlocking Deeper Connections:

Wasambe's Distinct Edge: Dive deeper into the realm of coaching with an enriched curriculum.

Empathy Meets Ethics:

Where Integrity Encounters Deep Understanding

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) sets the gold standard for ethical guidelines in coaching, emphasizing a coach's responsibility to display professional conduct and always prioritize the client's well-being.

Wasambe elevates this ethical foundation with a potent touch of introspection. Drawing from Avni's expertise in Inner Child Integration Therapy, Wasambe's training encourages coaches to delve deep into their past experiences, emotions, and traumas. This enables them to not only better understand their own triggers but also to engage with clients with an unparalleled depth of empathy and understanding.

The result? Coaching sessions that resonate, heal, and empower.

Subconscious Bonds:

Unveiling the Hidden Narratives for Authentic Connections

ICF underscores the importance of creating trust and intimacy with clients, asserting that a successful coaching relationship hinges on mutual respect, trust, and understanding.

Wasambe takes this a step further. Using Avni's profound knowledge in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), coaches are trained to pick up on subtle cues, delve into the subconscious layers of the client's mind, and unearth deep-seated beliefs and narratives.

By understanding these internal stories, Wasambe-trained coaches can create coaching interventions that align with the client's subconscious beliefs, fostering genuine, lasting connections.

Personality-Driven Communication:

Tailoring Conversations to Unique Individual Blueprints

Active listening, as emphasized by ICF, forms the crux of effective coaching. Listening goes beyond hearing words—it's about understanding and interpretation.

Wasambe amplifies this principle. With Avni's mastery of the enneagram, a powerful tool that dives into nine fundamental personality types, coaches are equipped to fine-tune their communication style. Recognizing a client's dominant enneagram type allows coaches to tailor their approach, ensuring that feedback, insights, and guidance resonate deeply, leading to breakthroughs that might otherwise remain elusive.

Results with Resonance:

Empowering Outcomes Through Innovative Techniques

Goal setting and creating forward-moving actions are central to ICF’s coaching philosophy. While setting tangible goals is critical, how do we ensure that these goals resonate deeply with the client's core beliefs and values? Enter Wasambe's transformative techniques. Tools such as the '3-chair method' allow coaches to explore different facets of the client's psyche, providing a comprehensive view of barriers and motivations. By integrating these profound methods with standard goal-setting processes, Wasambe ensures that the outcomes not only lead to success but also align deeply with the client's innermost desires and aspirations.

A Community That Nurtures & Empowers

Experience more than just training; become part of a growth-centric tribe.

Collaborative Evolution:

Merging ICF’s peer coaching with Avni’s philosophy for synergistic group endeavors.

Guidance Beyond Graduation:

Combining ICF's ethos of continuous development with Avni's personalized mentorship.


1. What makes Wasambe’s coaching approach unique compared to standard ICF methods?

Wasambe integrates the core tenets of ICF with Avni Martin's distinct modalities, introducing students to deeper therapeutic insights and transformative techniques.

2. Why is Avni’s expertise in ICIT and NLP a game-changer in coaching?

Avni's training ensures coaches grasp deep-seated emotional patterns through Inner Child Integration Therapy (ICIT) and can effectively rewrite sub-conscious narratives using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), offering unparalleled depth in the coaching journey.

Let's break down these methodologies:

1. Inner Child Integration Therapy (ICIT):

  • Definition: Inner Child Integration Therapy delves into an individual's past, aiming to address and heal traumas or suppressed emotions from childhood. The "inner child" symbolizes the childlike, often vulnerable, aspect of a person's psyche. By working with and healing the inner child, therapists can help individuals address deep-seated emotional patterns and behaviors stemming from past experiences.

  • Benefits in Coaching: By integrating ICIT, coaches can better understand and address the root causes of a client's beliefs, behaviors, and emotional responses. This approach allows for more profound, transformative shifts in an individual's mindset and behavior.

2. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP):

  • Definition: Neuro-Linguistic Programming involves understanding and changing human behavior patterns. It's based on the premise that there's a connection between neurological processes, language, and behavioral patterns that have been learned through experience. NLP posits that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life.

  • Benefits in Coaching: By employing NLP techniques, coaches can assist clients in rewriting their sub-conscious narratives, enabling them to replace limiting beliefs or behaviors with empowering ones. This method is particularly useful in reshaping thought processes and achieving personal and professional milestones.

With the incorporation of these techniques, Avni ensures that coaches trained under her guidance possess a broad spectrum of tools, allowing them to offer deep, transformative experiences to their clients.

3. How does Wasambe ensure my growth doesn’t stop post-certification?

Beyond foundational training, Wasambe offers ongoing learning opportunities, feedback sessions, and a supportive community, ensuring your growth trajectory remains steep.

What We Would Like You To Know

At Wasambe Coaching, you’re not just embarking on an ICF-certified journey.

Under Avni Martin's guidance, you're unlocking a world where global coaching standards meet profound personal transformation. For those looking to transcend traditional coaching paradigms, Wasambe awaits.


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