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Make the experience of living better each day.


Get Coached

Rewriting our past, present & future

We support individuals to be their best in any area of their lives through coaching and therapeutic interventions.


Get Therapy

Redefining the way we learn coaching

We develop world-class professional coaches credentialed by International Coach Federation(ICF) and mentor coaches.


Become A Coach

Recreating the future of our organizations

We work with organisations to develop internal coaches, culture and team dynamics.

Why ‘better’ and not ‘best’?  

‘Best’ suggests there is a glass ceiling to what we can achieve. When we strive to be better, there is no limit.  We believe people and their respective potential are limitless.

How can you help me?

Using our proprietary 5-step HAPPY™ System, Wasambe empowers individuals to enhance their work and relationships with themselves, others and the world around them.  

Wasambe offers a structured methodology aimed at enhancing individuals' experiences in various areas of their lives, including work, relationships, self-development, and their connection with the world. This approach focuses on providing tools, strategies, or techniques to improve overall well-being and foster growth and fulfillment.

How do we work?

We collaborate with a network of in-house trained coaches and therapists who specialise in meeting diverse client needs, including:

  • Teenagers and Parents

  • Leaders and Executives

  • Business and Careers

  • Do I need coaching or therapy?
    Everyone can benefit from coaching and therapy, to continually be a better version of themselves.   Our mind is our central processing unit, controlling our entire existence.  We groom our bodies, why don't we groom our minds? Just as we routinely check and upgrade our electronic devices, nurture our gardens, and improve the condition of our physical health, coaching and therapy grow and evolve our minds.
  • What is coaching and therapy?
    Coaching and therapy are powerful tools individually, and their combination can be even more impactful. Coaching is a valuable tool if you want to get clarity on who you are, where you are, where you want to be in the present and how to get there in the future. Therapy is a great tool, if you need to process past experiences, and turn undesirable emotions and patterns, into strength and wisdom.
  • Is therapy only for people who experienced trauma? 
    You don't have to have had a ‘traumatic’ life for there to be ‘trauma’.  Incomplete past experiences, even in seemingly perfect lives, can create present-day blocks that potentially affect our future. Coaching and therapy are tools that add value to make the experience of living better each day.

We value continuous self-improvement over striving for perfection

Join us on the journey!

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