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Together we can be greater than the sum of all our parts.

What is the difference between team and group coaching?

Often coaches, clients and consumers are confused in the difference between team and group coaching.  Yet there is a difference.

Team coaching and group coaching are both forms of coaching that involve working with a group of individuals, but they differ in several ways.

It's common for coaches, clients, and consumers to get mixed up when it comes to distinguishing between team coaching and group coaching. But the truth is, even though they both involve working with a group of people, they're actually quite different from each other.


Team Coaching:

Team Coaching is when a coach works with a team of people who all share a set of aligned goals and work together to achieve a specific outcome (sales targets, project deadline, or starting a new business unit). Usually team coaching focuses on alignment of goals, and how people communicate, collaborate and work together to achieve the desired outcomes.  


Group Coaching:

Group Coaching is when a coach works with a group of people together on a common topic of interest (such as changing organisational culture, leadership, or communication) with each participant having their own set of goals and outcomes that they wish to achieve, which naturally may share some commonality with others.  

Our HAPPY™ Team and Group Coaching System, based on Systems Thinking Principles, consists of five customised steps that are tailored to meet your unique needs. We work with teams and groups of all sizes and cultures, from short-term one-off engagements to long-term systemic assignments, to help you achieve your potential and goals.

While the nature and specificities of each team's or group's challenges are unique, following are some of the common issues and outcomes.

We provide a radical approach by integrating coaching with therapy and training to develop deeper awareness and practical capabilities to bring a more meaningful and long term change in teams and groups.


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