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Imagine having in-house agents of change that are capable of shifting collective mindsets, cultures, and outcomes.

If you would like to develop powerful agents of change, your own in-house coaches, through our transformative International Coaching Federation Accredited HAPPY™ Coach Training Program, then we would like to help you do that.

Following are two ways your leaders can acquire coaching skills:

  1. Internal HAPPY™ Coach Training Program customised for the specific needs, challenges and desired outcomes for your organisation, leaders and managers.  The length, content and level of certification of the in-house program can be customised to meet the desired outcomes of your organisation.

  2. External HAPPY™ Coach Training Programs, non-customised, deeply transformative, and open for enrolment by participants from all walks of life that meet our application criteria, leading to an internationally recognised certificate upon completion.  Level 1 and 2 programs take 125 hours to complete, and Level 1 alone is 65 hours long.  

Ready to discuss further?

Let’s talk to understand your needs and desired outcomes so that we can recommend the best approach to develop internal coaching skills in your organisation!

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