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Together, we make the experience of living better each day. 

We are here to deliver change - in people, teams and organisations to help make our experience of living, and consequently our world, a better. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to:

  • develop world-class coaches, who either work for themselves or join our team

  • coach leaders and executives to unleash their potential, 

  • work with teams, businesses and organisations to harness their strengths.

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Our Work

We collaborate with a network of in-house trained coaches and therapists who specialise in meeting diverse client needs, including:

  • Teenagers and Parents

  • Leaders and Executives

  • Business and Careers

Our Methodology

Our robust 5-step HAPPY™ System is designed to help you:

  • discover yourself, your values and needs at a deeper level.

  •  define your purpose, goals and objectives.

  • develop your perceptions, and mindset to overcome challenges.

  • design specific actions, plans and accountabilities.

  • deliver the desired habits, outcomes with ongoing support and learning.


Our People

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“Having completed the Certified Coach Training Program course led by Avni Martin, I’m impressed with her ability to empower anyone to become an effective transformational professional coach, whatever career they are in. The course opened powerful new horizons and avenues for me to contribute to society, and Avni’s ongoing commitment to support this journey is unique and empowering. Avni is articulate and able to effectively guide the students through a structured program to deliver a cohesive learning experience. She is very encouraging and respectful of the various personalities of different coaches learning together, and imparts coaching skills to each in a very professional and personable way.


Avni delivers a deeply transformative and meaningful context to the profession in this coach training program.”

– Bernadette Cenzon, PCC | Coach | Facilitator | Speaker | Director of Trade Asia Solutions Pte Ltd


“Avni is a natural at coach training. Right throughout the training Avni had the ability to make us deeply introspect and grow, through practice coaching and feedback, and by holding up a mirror for us to be the best versions of ourselves. Avni's training sessions were highly engaging with a good mix of theory, discussions, practice and reflections. Our cohort interacted very well with each other and Avni was instrumental in ensuring each of us became clearer in addressing our developmental needs as coaches. Avni has helped me make the transition into thinking more deeply about my role as a coach and has inspired me in my coaching journey.”

– Nitya Rao-Parera, PCC | Executive & Career Development Coach | Facilitator | Trainer


“Since I started my ACTP coach training journey with Avni, I've loved it. It's been deep and transformative, with very personalised attention as we learn in small groups. The depth of learning and materials in all modules is impressive, and I am excited to complete the Corporate Coaching module with Avni which covers executives, teams and organisational coaching. The reason for selecting Avni as my coach was that she was highly recommended by my colleagues and peers who also had used her for their coach training. It has proved to be a very good decision and I am looking forward to continuing my coaching journey with Avni since it not only makes me a better business leader but also a more aware father and husband.” 

– Nick Johnson, ACC | Founder and MD of EGN Singapore


“I was lucky to find Avni to teach me coaching! She's a fantastic coach, a great trainer and has in-depth knowledge of her subject. She works with you on your unique learning ability and challenges to help you make a better coach. Her strong fundamentals and values along with her personal touch, warmth and friendship made the coach training a great learning experience for me. Highly recommend her as a coach and for any coach training sessions!”

– Pooja Arora, ACC | Co-Founder, Redefine Wellness | Wellness Coach & Therapist | Wellness Trainer


Dr. Tony Feghali spent over 20 years teaching, conducting research, and serving the community at the American University of Beirut. 

Tony is passionate about helping  entrepreneurs create something new, spin off a product or service, or make pivotal decisions. He helps them align their professional goals with their aspirations. Because when you’re in the middle of things, it is difficult to efficiently run a business, innovate, stay objective toward work, and remain true to oneself.

He usually works with startup founders and small and medium enterprise leaders or mid-level and C-level intrapreneurs active in corporations.

Dr. Tony 


“I can highly recommend Avni's Accredited Coach Training Program. Avni is a masterful coach, and trainer and she has the unique ability to give feedback to peer coaching sessions that is concise, actionable and provided with so much positive energy that we all grew from session to session. As all the participants were already practising coaches, Avni flexibly adjusted the training to meet the needs of the group. She used training materials, lots of peer coaching sessions, a variety of exercises, reviewed the ICF Coaching Competencies at Master Certified Coach (MCC) level, and last but not least provided access to MCC coaching sessions, which provided invaluable opportunity for us to develop our coaching skills.

– Axel Johansson, ACC | Leadership, Performance & Intercultural Intelligence Coach| Consultant

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Candice is a qualified as a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Inner Child Integration Therapist, Life and Success Coach, Counsellor, and NLP Master Practitioner.

As a dedicated mind trainer and coach, Candice is passionate and exceptionally skilled to help us explore the extraordinary capabilities of our human mind.

Her unwavering enthusiasm drives her constant pursuit of knowledge in this captivating field, setting her apart in the industry.

She guides individuals, through proven techniques that release obstacles, shed unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors to unlock their true potential. By harnessing the power of our subconscious minds, Candice helps people create their desired and deserved lives.


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Maria Tzortzaki is an ICF Accredited Certified Coach (ACC), a career consultant, and an Organizational Psychologist by training. With over 15 years of experience in the field, she has successfully provided coaching interventions for young and mid-career professionals, women in maternity transition, and expat families on assignment.
Maria has also made contributions as an adjunct lecturer in Singapore and the UK. Her insights have been featured in career publications and a career guidance book. Recently she co-authored an ICF sponsored study on organizational interventions in South East Asia, India, and Hong Kong. Her current research works explores the intersection between coaching and psychological resilience with the aim of enhancing individuals' ability to cope and thrive. 


Our Future

Join us to make our world a better place.

We are growing and actively looking for people in the following role:
  • Business development

  • Membership services 

  • Trainers 

We also help talented coaches develop the ability to deliver our programs worldwide through a franchise model in selected regions. 

Our Vision

Join us to deliver our vision

Our Vision is to:

Bring coaching to the educational world, especially make it a normal part of school curriculum.   Today’s children, teenagers or young adults are tomorrows leaders.  If we shape the minds of the young generation, we can help evolve the collective mindset of people across the world.

What will it do for our world if every child was given the gift of self-awareness and self-mastery?
What kind of leaders will we then create in our world?
What is the future we want to create for our beautiful planet?


Together we can rewrite our past present and future. 

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